CWI Assessment Program


Discuss assessment process.

Three possible outcomes:

  • Pass
  • Deferral
  • Fail

Identification of suitable teaching areas of the climbing wall, discuss pros and cons of different angled roped climbing walls and bouldering areas.

Knowledge of climbing equipment

Personal climbing

  • Select and complete two easy warm-up bottom rope climbs
  • Select and complete an appropriate lead climb (F4+ or above)
  • Use of different belay devices to lead and bottom rope belay
  • Demonstrate knowledge of different knots to use for tying in the climber
  • Demonstrate tying off different types of belay devices



  • Discuss home paper



Group management and sessions delivering

  • Each candidate to set up and deliver different session using appropriate equipment
  • Each candidate demonstrate appropriate way to kit up the group they are teaching
  • Examples of the sessions would be:

Kids party

School group attending for a school term

NICAS Levels 1,2,3

Taster session with a mix of adults and children

Adult skills course

Advanced Adult skill course


Simple problem solving

  • Prevention is always better than cure, show knowledge on how to avoid incidents/accidents
  • Demonstrate tying off a belay plate on someone else
  • Demonstrate tying off a belay plate on yourself
  • Releasing a stuck item in a belay
  • Dealing with a climber who didn’t tie with the proper climbing knot
  • Demonstrate how to deal with a stuck climber



  • Give an example of good briefing before bouldering session
  • Deliver a warm-up game for children
  • Deliver a warm-up for adults
  • Deliver a session on teaching specific climbing move with a good demonstration



Train your assistant


Debriefs, 1:1 feedback and results